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The Art of Purposeful Living: How to Live and Work in Alignment with Your Personal Truth

There’s a path that's perfect for you… let me help you find it. – Kate De Jong   It’s been seven years now since I left my corporate career and took the leap of faith to follow my heart.   When I finally realised that I not only wanted, but needed, to quit...

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The Gift of Self-Awareness That Will Make You Soar in Business & Life

People who are self-aware have been shown to be lead happier, more fulfilled, and more successful lives. And did you know that 95% of people think they’re self-aware, but only 10-15% actually are? Read on to find out why, and how you can become one of the rare 10-15% who enjoy happier lives. #self-awareness #emotionalintelligence #personalitytests

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Tired of Procrastinating? Try These 6 Powerful Tips to Overcome it Now

Are you tired of getting stuck in procrastination? Find out the real reasons why you’re procrastinating and learn 6 powerful strategies to overcome it. Start stepping up to your full potential and hitting your milestones out of the ball park! #procrastination #procrastinating #effectiveness #productivity #efficiency #motivation #inspire #empower #liveyourbestlife

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How to Create More of What You Want Using the Law of Attraction – Part 2

This is Part 2 of two articles on how to use the amazing discoveries made in Quantum Physics in our own lives to experience greater levels of abundance, flow and happiness. But to do that you first need to understand how it all works. Read on to find out with minor adjustments in your habits and life, you can create everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

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The Art of Dreaming Big: How to Harness Your Imagination and The Law of Attraction to Create What You Want

I recently experienced first-hand how the magic of the Law of Attraction can work in our lives.   I recently completed a fantastic course for entrepreneurs and business owners called 'Profit Quest' by Jeanna Gabellini at Masterpeace Coaching. Her tagline that drew me...

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QUEST 2017: A Profound Approach to Plan an Impactful Year Ahead

For the first time ever, this year I joined an inspiring group of wide-minded, visionary entrepreneurs in Jeffrey Davis’ Quest 2017: 12 Principles to do Business as Unusual – a powerful approach to planning the year ahead that involves weekly writing prompts to invoke...

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