There’s a calling deep within your heart…

let me help you find it.

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"It's the heart that knows the path. The mind is just there to organize the steps." - Jeff Brown

Hi there I’m Katie! I’m an ex-scientist, engineer and corporate ladder climber, turned passionate career strategist and founder of Whispering Heart Coaching. I’m dedicated to helping you live a life true to your heart, to fully embrace who you are and to unleash your unique gifts and natural genius into the world. You CAN make a difference and thrive financially, while doing work you love.

I’m Australian-born and currently living in South Korea with my husband (from Holland) and two young boys. I left my corporate career of almost 15 years as a consulting engineer in 2011 to follow the calling I felt deep in my heart to help people find their authentic life path. For years I had felt overwhelmed, unfulfilled and frustrated, knowing that I had specific gifts and talents to contribute and yet couldn’t find a way to express them in a way that felt truly fulfilling and satisfying.

I believe everyone has a particular zone of ‘natural genius’. As a child I knew that my natural genius was somewhere in the area of languages, writing, social connection and creative expression. But somehow I ended up in the engineering field. Like many of us, I’d become disconnected from my true nature and my authentic desires at a young age, and found myself trying to meet the expectations of others. Unintentionally, I’d ended up living an inauthentic life. I knew there was something else I was meant to do, but I just didn’t know what.

My health began to decline in my early twenties. I was caught in a pattern of over-achieving and self-neglect that I couldn’t escape. I developed chronic fatigue, a feeling of continuous exhaustion and overwhelm, and suffered ongoing chronic illnesses. Outwardly my life appeared to be great; I had earned a Ph.D (through lots of sweat and tears), I was moving up in the engineering world, I was holding down senior management positions and working on exciting projects. But inside it was a living hell. I felt continuously exhausted and unwell. Eventually in my mid-thirties, a life crisis forced me to break down. In the midst of my ‘dark night of the soul’, I surrendered to what I had been fighting for so long – my true nature. I went through a process of reconnecting to my authentic self and shedding everything that wasn’t me. With the help of several mentors I was finally able to find myself and to connect to my own unique calling. I embraced the call I felt to quit the corporate world and start a coaching business of my own.

After giving myself permission to follow my heart, my energy levels improved rapidly and all physical symptoms disappeared. I feel so fortunate to now experience ongoing vitality and vibrant health. This is proof to me of the incredible power of the mind-body-spirit connection and the essential need to live a life true to our hearts. We can heal ourselves and live a truly joyful life by becoming ourselves fully and embracing our authentic yearnings and desires. I’m committed to empowering you to find a way to build a life and career that feels true to your heart, allowing you to thrive and love life. I believe that you have a unique calling that allows you to develop and express your gifts and talents fully, while being in service to something that you care about deeply. And the world needs those special gifts that only you can give!

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What makes me qualified to be your mentor on your journey?

It’s so important that we reach out to get the right help on our journey. It’s thanks to the help of several mentors that I was able to uncover my real passion for coaching and to find a way to establish a thriving business in a completely new field, starting from scratch.

I’ve learned the most effective strategies and processes available for helping you uncover your own unique, true life passion and purpose, from well-known and internationally acclaimed thought leaders such as Tim Kelley, Jeffrey Van DykJean Houston and Claire Zammit.

To help you understand your deepest desires and motivators and your most effective path for personal growth, I’m trained in the application of the ancient system of personality classification called The Enneagram; the most effective guide to self-observation and self-inquiry I’m personally aware of. 

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to learn from some of the best mentors in the industry who have helped me learn and apply the essential strategies behind entrepreneurship, business start-up, product and program development, marketing, public relations and wealth creation.

I’ve been able to re-train as a Professional Life Coach and build a thriving coaching business in just a few short years thanks to the knowledge and skills I’ve learned from these wonderful mentors including Jeanna GabelliniElizabeth PurvisStephen DinanLisa SasevichCallan Rush and Justin LivingstonVrinda NormandRyan Eliason and Ali Brown

The skill and strategies I’ve learned and applied in my own business allow me to be an effective mentor for you as you make your own way into a life and career that lights you up and fills your heart with joy. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to guide you as you build a career that allows you to fully express your gifts in service to others, and to make great money while doing work that feels deeply fulfilling and nourishing.