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Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.


Get clear on your professional path and purpose so you can finally come alive!


The Pathfinding program has been designed to get you crystal clear on your unique professional path and purpose and to empower you to move forward with clarity, confidence, and inspiration. 

You have precious and important gifts that the world needs, and it’s our mission to help you find what those are and how to express them through your work so that you can make a difference, doing work you love.

What’s Involved in the Pathfinding Program?

Pathfinding is a self-study program that runs over 4-8 weeks, depending on how quickly you can work your way through the material. The  content will invite you to engage in deep self-reflection through the completion of six modules designed to help you identify the 4 P’s of your ‘purpose puzzle’ shown above.

You’ll come away feeling reconnected to your authentic self, with a deep understanding of who you are and what you need professionally. You’ll feel clear and excited about your path ahead.

While this is a self-study program, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase private coaching sessions if need help finding your answers. Often it’s not easy to see what’s right under your nose and it can be valuable to work through your findings with an experienced purpose coach.


Why Am I So Passionate About Helping You Find Your Path & Purpose?

Because I spent almost 15 years in a profession that was not authentically me. I was successfully climbing the academic and corporate ranks as an Environmental Engineer, ticking all the boxes of what I thought it meant to be ‘successful’. And while my career was rewarding and fulfilling on many levels, it also felt stressful and overwhelming. I felt constantly tired and empty.

What I now know is that my profession wasn’t aligned with my natural strengths or my true nature, or my greatest passion. Since quitting my corporate career in 2011 to follow my love of coaching, I haven’t looked back and I now know how good it feels to be in complete alignment professionally, in tune with my own heart – and I want to help you find that exquisite feeling of professional alignment, inspiration, and freedom too!

Here’s What Other People Have Been Saying…

Kate’s program helped me by validating many thoughts and inklings that I had previously had regarding my professional path. I feel like I have been given permission to act on them now, rather than skulking in the fringes, thinking about the possibilities but being unsure about what to pursue and how to make things happen. The whole process was liberating through having your intuitive or inner-knowing made conscious. I really appreciated Kate’s approach – flexible, warm, non-judgemental, insightful. Kate’s program is of extremely high quality. It is well researched and coherent, and her approach to helping people find their professional path is unique!

The workbooks are beautifully written and presented, and stuffed full of such useful information. I really enjoyed the unique multi-focus approach – rather than just ‘find your passion’ or ‘do what you love’ (which seems to be a catch-cry of many programs), her program acknowledges the importance of aligning this with your unique strengths, and a deep understanding of who you actually are – and then using this to meet the needs of others. I am excited to get on with making some plans and bringing them to life!

Melissa Marinelli, Perth, Australia

Mechanical Engineer/Senior Researcher of Women in Leadership (Ph.D)

What is it Costing You to Stay Stuck?


More time spinning your wheels and feeling confused? More frustration and lack of focus?


Clarity is priceless.


Let us help you get clear, confident, and focused now!

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