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Kate is my secret weapon. I have been blown away by Kate’s commitment, tenacity and unyielding support of me and my business. She has been my sensible, my calm, my voice of reason, staunch supporter and enthusiastic cheerleader when I doubted myself and wobbled. Her faith in me and my business has been inspiring and affirming in every way.
In her, I have found a friend, a confidant, a loyal ally and a tenacious and constant support. I look forward to many more years working with her mentorship and guidance. I cannot recommend working with Kate highly enough.
Emma Mungavin

Founder & Director, Bespoke Acquiring & Styling

Kate exceeded my expectations in every way. She was not only personable and understanding towards me and where I was in my business, but she used every opportunity to discuss specific problems I was facing, evaluated my existing marketing practices and gave me actionable and practical advice which paid off almost immediately!
Kate’s advice on my business model, pricing structure and my website were next level and once I had implemented the changes I saw an immediate increase in traffic to my website and conversion rates.
This was achieved in just 3 short 30 minute sessions. I’m so blown away by how much value Kate was able to add to my business in such a short time that I will be signing up for regular coaching with her as I continue to grow my business.
Zina Le Sueur

Founder & Director, Zina Le Sueur Photography

Kate was very straight to the point to help me grow my business. I loved having her to plan and help me with areas I had no idea about. Highly recommend!
Geri Gash

CEO, Lil Eve Creations

Kate is an exceptional Business Coach and was the ‘missing piece’ I needed to get clarity and take my ideas next level. Having Kate by my side throughout this journey was priceless. Her clear action plans during our regular coaching session gave me the confidence I needed to take each next step. Kate’s an extremely skilled and knowledgeable business coach, but what I love most is that she coaches from the heart – she genuinely cares about your success, which is something rare, valuable, and extremely refreshing!
If you’ are lucky enough to get the opportunity to be coached by Kate, jump at the chance! Thank you, Kate! I will be forever grateful for your help, x.
Athena Daniels

Founder & Director, Athena Daniels Academy

So glad I found Kate, our strategy sessions were just what I needed for business clarity, helping me with my vision and to up-level to the next phase! I can’t thank her enough and I will be recommending her to my networks! 
Tracey Jewel

Founder & CEO, Upself

Kate has been a guiding light in my toughest year of business to date. I’ve come along way as far as implementing systems into my small business to help ease the load a little and free up some time to work more on the things that matter. She has connected me to people in the know to help me along in the years to come – copywriters to web developers to marketing gurus, and the like. Kate is very flexible to work with which was a big help for my busy lifestyle. Professionally she is top notch and personally she is genuine and really does care about doing her best to support you and your business. Thank you ever so much for your ongoing support the last 12 months. I’ll miss you!!!!
Rachael McCutcheon

Founder & CEO, Shine Health & Fitness

Kate has the ability to grow, inspire and motivate you in a nurturing yet also in a professional way.  She makes every effort to really know and understand you, your dreams and goals. This builds a very trusting relationship that builds your confidence in the decisions your are making as you build your business.  She has the ability to ignite your dreams and is there to cheer you on or pick you right back up when needed.  
Thank you Kate.  
Angela Caruso

Empowerment Coach for Registered Nurses, CEO & Founder, Lean In Consulting

Kate is a great coach who serves from the heart as well as the head. She not only nurtures my business goals and dreams but also gives practical advice as to the feasibility of those goals at my present situation. My time with her is so valuable in terms of prioritising my time and effort. 
I especially appreciate her timely and wise response to every email and message I send her. I am sure she deals with dozens on a daily basis. In our monthly one to one zoom calls she helps me see through the ‘fog’ with her advice and inspires me to get motivated to take the action needed to achieve the results I want. 
The monthly live trainings that come with the coaching package are well planned and explains in depth the ‘insider secrets’ to running not just a successful business but a fulfilling one. Also being with other women (who are sometimes way ahead on the entrepreneurial journey) who want to impact society and make a difference, is enlightening and empowering. Hearing similar struggles and  successes as well as listening to the collective wisdom from others is priceless, especially if you are a solo entrepreneur.
Kate gives me the structure and support I need to build up my self confidence and my business acumen to ensure that I can serve my clients with impact. 
Sharon James

Founder, Rejuvenate Face Rejuvenation

Kate, you are sincere, patient, kind and knowledgeable. You have tailored each coaching session specific to where I’m at and have been flexible with schedules if necessary. Your approach to coaching is gentle and never rushed. Understanding of processes is paramount and your guidance is exactly what I needed to take the next step in my business progression. The group trainings are a wonderful opportunity to connect with other beautiful women, making friendships and helping each other grow. Having the support and know how of others takes the pressure and procrastination away from needing to figure it out on my own.

I’m loving this journey and am thankful to have found a business coach as genuine as you are. Thank you Kate, love Andrea.

Andrea Gabriel

Founder & CEO , Raising Vibrations Yoga Studio & Healing Centre

Kate is wonderful. She is so supportive and encouraging and knowledgeable. She consistently brings valuable insights and techniques to the way I conduct business and ensures I am accountable for my actions. Kate has transformed my thought processes and the techniques I employ to my business. I now feel in control of the direction I am going in and have implanted into the business the tools required to succeed. Working with Kate has changed the way I think as a female entrepreneur enabling me to put plans in place, which will take both myself and my brand to the next level. 
The Fempire Group Training is something I really look forward to each month.  The content of the courses provide me with the tools I need to master as an entrepreneur. The delivery is engaging, thought provoking and empowering and after every session l come away re-energized and excited to work on my business. Through the group trainings I have met some wonderful ladies – the group training allows me to be part of a powerful female entrepreneur community of like-minded women that I can relate to. 
Being a part of the Fempire sisterhood stimulates my creativity and innovative thinking through conversing with other female entrepreneurs. It also provides an opportunity for honest feedback in a thoughtful and insightful way. The opportunity to bounce ideas around and practice skills is invaluable. This is something I could not experience working alone. 
Lauryn Stanlake

Founder & CEO , Lauryn Stanlake Sleep Consultant

The thing I love most about my group coaching program is that I get to work with Kate 1:1 each month. I feel my direction, momentum and confidence building after every session. And I really feel that Kate believes in me and what I’m doing, which gives me so much confidence and courage. 

If you’re building your own business and you’re not sure whether to invest in the Fempire Group Coaching program – just do it! It’s the best decision I made to grow my business in the right way, to build the right momentum, to have support and confidence in me and the direction I want to go. And being surrounded by like-minded women is also awesome!

Rhiannon Blackaby

Founder, Wholesome Health Coach

I’ve had the privilege of attending Kate’s live group trainings in the past few months. Kate delivers the course content with passion, has a wealth of business experience and creates a very supportive environment, where you can thrive and celebrate each other both professionally and personally.  

Joining the beautiful sisterhood has gifted me with more confidence to inspire and empower others and Kate has generously shared her wisdom to support me to continue to make a difference in the world, doing what I love. 
Lisa Brandis

Founder & Director, Intuitive Reiki International


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It has been really delightful to work with Kate and I am really glad that I found her! She is committed, passionate and knowledgeable. Before working with her I felt stuck and demotivated. Thanks to her experienced guidance I have been able to finally identify the missing pieces of the puzzle and to visualise a clear series of actions to move forward. I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with the result.

Francesca Visione, Italy

Urban Designer

I thoroughly enjoyed the pathfinding program with Kate. I learned so much about myself and found real clarity in what is important to me and my career going forward. What I really loved about the pathfinding program, is the holistic approach to identifying the ideal career path for me. The insightful exercises really peel off the layers and helped me to understand what I am truly passionate about, what makes me uniquely me, and how I can give back to the world. Kate has a wealth of business and personal experience to provide great guidance in a very supportive way. She is passionate about helping others and this passion is infectious and inspiring. I feel I have not only found a wonderful, smart, and compassionate coach but also a great friend.

Anna Stibbs, Australia

Performance Coach

I thoroughly enjoyed the pathfinding program with Kate. I learned so much about myself and found real clarity in what is important to me and my career going forward. What I really loved about the pathfinding program, is the holistic approach to identifying the ideal career path for me. The insightful exercises really peel off the layers and helped me to understand what I am truly passionate about, what makes me uniquely me, and how I can give back to the world. Kate has a wealth of business and personal experience to provide great guidance in a very supportive way. She is passionate about helping others and this passion is infectious and inspiring. I feel I have not only found a wonderful, smart, and compassionate coach but also a great friend.

Anna Stibbs, Australia

Performance Coach

Since completing the Pathfinding program, I now have a much better view of where I want to go professionally. It still needs some exploring of the possibilities and the best direction, but I feel much clearer now. I’m excited with the possibilities I see for the future and I’m keen to get going on my new journey. Before the coaching program, I also saw lots of possibilities but it was all over the place and I had no purpose whatsoever.
I particularly enjoyed the strengths analysis in the Natural Genius module, it gave me the structure to build my idea for the future on. I was mostly impressed that Kate always found examples of things you can do for a professional career, while I had assumed that you can’t make a living doing what you love.

Paula van Miert, Australia

Scientist in Cancer Research, Abstract Painter

Kate’s program helped me by validating many thoughts and inklings that I had previously had regarding my professional path. I feel like I have been given permission to act on them now, rather than skulking in the fringes, thinking about the possibilities but being unsure about what to pursue and how to make things happen. The whole process was liberating through having your intuitive or inner-knowing made conscious. I really appreciated Kate’s approach – flexible, warm, non-judgemental, insightful.
Kate’s program is of extremely high quality. It is well researched and coherent, and her approach to helping people find their professional path is unique! The workbooks are beautifully written and presented, and stuffed full of such useful information.
I really enjoyed the unique multi-focus approach – rather than just ‘find your passion’ or ‘do what you love’ (which seems to be a catch-cry of many programs), her program acknowledges the importance of aligning this with your unique strengths, and a deep understanding of who you actually are – and then using this to meet the needs of others. I am excited to get on with making some plans and bringing them to life!

Melissa Marinelli, Australia

Mechanical Engineer/Senior Researcher of Women in Leadership (Ph.D)

I loved working with Kate. I feel clearer in my mind and confident on how to move forward in life. I feel a sense of fulfillment and eagerness to explore my capabilities in creating a life that resonates with my authentic being.

Estelle Coremans, Australia

Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness & Nature Advocate

I learned something about myself in every module. Kate was amazing, and made me feel safe and cared about. Working with her was life-changing. I’ve felt lost on ‘my purpose’ my whole life but now I have found my calling. I’m very excited about my path ahead.

Tara Bailey, Australia

Founder of ADHD Support

Even if you don’t need help with your career direction, I would recommend working with Kate for personal growth and healing. She helps you learn so much about yourself and what’s holding you back. I love that Kate is on her own spiritual path and open to sharing.

Emily Rossington, Australia

Founder of Butterflies 4 The Soul

Kate helps you find what you really love and who you really are. I love the way she sees things between the lines when I didn’t have a clue. I thought it was super that she could draw conclusions from things where I did not see it. My biggest insight was that most of the things I found in the course I already knew, but forgot about them. And it made me take time for myself which I really needed. It was so nice that I could say everything I needed to without any judgment.

Myrena Steinz-Laupman, The Netherlands

Mother, Yoga Teacher & Mindfulness Advocate

Kate takes you by the hand and takes you on a journey through yourself. She really listens, without judgement, and finds YOU, and what you need going forward. Very relaxed environment, very professional, I would recommend Kate to anyone.

Ceri Fraser, Alicante, Spain

Mother, Founder of 'Back to Basics' Health & Wellness Support

I’ve recently been at a crossroads in my life, and for the past 8 months I’ve been experiencing a lot of doubt and confusion about what I want to do and create in my life. Kate helped me connect to my deepest desires and to lean into what my heart was trying to tell me. I now understand  really clearly where my passion and ambitions lie, and I’m on my way to creating my beautiful future! I’m so excited about what lies ahead now and I’m so grateful to Kate for helping me on my way.

Victoria Eastwood, Australia

Mother, Founder of Terra Firma Dreaming

Kate is a great coach and confidante! Her warm disposition and natural ability to work alongside her clients to support them and help them in finding their paths makes her coaching inspiring and a great experience! I love that she is empathetic, truly listens, is encouraging and has great reading materials to recommend! I find her ability to encourage sharing and her warm disposition very helpful, she is well-read and knowledgeable, supportive and inspiring!

Junie Ang, Singapore

Mother, Teacher, Artist

I love that Kate is very passionate in understanding and finding the right answers to all my doubts. She is always kind, very trustful, trying to dig deep as possible in order to find the right answers.

Andrea Nedeljkovic, Serbia

Mother, Natural & Holistic Health Advocate

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