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This is your chance to have your own personal guide and cheerleader to walk by your side as you find your clarity and begin to create a more purposeful, happy, and fulfilled life. It takes time to create deep and lasting change and to work through the internal and external barriers that prevent you from living the life you want.

In terms of timing, from my experience:

✓ 3 months is a great amount of time to discover the changes that are required and to begin implementing them effectively.

6 months is the perfect amount of time to effectively change habits and mindset and to change the direction of your life. It also allows me to effectively guide you through the change process that can feel bumpy, uncertain, and turbulent at times.

As your guide, I will be gently holding your hand and ‘cracking the whip’ simultaneously. It can be scary to step outside your comfort zone and to change situations or habits. Which is why you need kindness and accountability; someone to keep you committed along the way and to keep you on track as you implement the changes that you know are necessary.

You’ll be fully supported every step of the way and within 3 to 6 months, you’ll feel clear and empowered, excited and blissfully on-track with your life.

There are many different ways in which I can help you create BREAKTHROUGHS in your life. Here are just a few.

1. Finding your professional path and purpose

I love helping you uncover your purposeful professional path where your true nature, your natural genius, your passion, and your sustainable livelihood (income) intersect, so you can LOVE your work and thrive professionally. I help you determine how to build a sustainable and dynamic professional path around the foundations of your heart’s desires.

2. Finding your direction in your personal life.

Whether it be relationships you’re struggling with, or recurring self-limiting patterns you experience or a just feeling of being stuck, I can help you develop skills and strategies to work through the internal and external barriers that are preventing you from experiencing greater clarity, inner peace, fulfillment, and harmony. I’m a certified Life Coach (LCIA Australia) with qualified skills to guide you through your personal life challenges.

3. Small business set up, growth and/or expansion.

I’ve learned from the best mentors over the years how to take my coaching business from just an idea in 2011, to a thriving coaching practice while simultaneously being a Mama to two young boys. I’ve learned the ins-and-outs of building a business foundation, building a website, running an engaged Facebook group, building an email list who wants to buy from you repeatedly, building a social media platform and a business- and engagement funnel that allows you to thrive and make great money doing what you love! I can help you figure out the next steps for YOUR business.


If you’re feeling stuck in your career, your business or in your personal life, we’ll work together to help you find your focus, clarity, and inspiration. I’ll be holding your hand as you move through the process of building the life and/or business you love.


I’m Katie De Jong, your personal guide on this private coaching journey.

I’m so excited to be guiding you on this journey.


I’m a former Research Scientist and Consulting Engineer. I quit my technical career of almost fifteen years in my mid-thirties to follow my heart’s true desire to empower people to live their most fully-expressed lives. I love guiding you to greater freedom and joy through reconnecting you to your heart and true potential. If you’re feeling lost, unclear, off-track or unfulfilled in some area of life, I’m here to help you get the clarity, purpose, strategies, and skills you need to get your life on track.

I’m a Certified Life Coach and a lifelong learner and truth-seeker, continuously seeking ways to deepen my understanding of life. I’ve  immersed myself in the fields of positive psychology, life coaching, finding your path and purpose, career transition, small business start-up, life design, spirituality, quantum physics, the law of attraction, manifestation, and many forms of energetic and emotional healing, which I write about in my Whispering Heart blog.


I’m valued by my clients for my kindness, compassion, high standards, positive outlook, and my ability to help them create results and forward-thinking solutions to all problems in their lives.


Nothing gives me greater pleasure than guiding you to greater joy and freedom through reconnecting you to your heart and your true potential.


I know I do. I personally invest in private coaching on a regular basis to get the support I need to move forward personally or in my business. Often we need someone to reflect back to us the things we can’t easily see, or to help us articulate thoughts or ideas that we’re having trouble formulating ourselves. None of us can do it alone.


Your happiness? A feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment? Your health and well-being? Let me help you work through the challenges that are currently on your path, so you can find your way, unleash your full potential and start feeling fulfilled and blissfully on-track with your life.


As part of your Private Support Package, you’ll receive:


  • 3-month package: 6 x 1-hour private coaching sessions; 6-month package: 12 x 1-hour private coaching sessions 
    We’ll meet online once every 2 weeks in my online Zoom video meeting room. You’ll be free to reschedule the meetings if something important comes up for you, however, we’ll endeavor to complete all coaching sessions within the 3- or 6-month time frame.
  • Private access to Katie by email or messenger in between sessions.
    You’ll have private access to me by email, Facebook messenger or a communication channel of your choice (e.g. WhatsApp or Voxer). You’ll be able to contact me with any queries that arise as you work through your life changes.
  • Access to top quality resources.
    Over the course of my coaching career, I’ve developed a number of wonderful resources and workbooks to guide people through their life challenges. Depending on your needs, you’ll have access to all the resources that are relevant to your situation. Examples of the workbooks you’ll have access to include the following E-Books and Resource Guides.

Pathfinding: How to Find Your Unique Path & Purpose

This 30-page E-Book contains everything you need to know about finding your true professional path & purpose, including the 7 ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS for building a dynamic and sustainable vocation that allows you to THRIVE and make a difference, doing work you love. Learn how to operate from your very own specific ZONE OF MAGIC so you can thrive and love life.

The Happiness Key: 3 Free Personality Tests That Demystify Your Unique Path to Personal Freedom

This Resource Guide will help you uncover your TRUE NATURE. As Aristotle famously said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. Finding your true path and purpose requires an intimate understanding of your authentic self: your unique style, personality, and behavioural preferences. This book will help you gain a deeper understanding of your true self by using three powerful personality tests:

1. The Ancient system of human personality classification called THE ENNEAGRAM;
2. The famous Myers-Briggs personality test for determining your unique work-style preferences;
3. The DISC model of human behaviour for understanding your particular behavioural style and authentic nature.

Uncover Your Natural Genius for a Lifetime of Joy, Fulfillment, and Success

Knowing your strengths is absolutely critical to building a professional life you love. I’ve pulled loads of valuable information together from various top experts in the field of strengths identification and strengths analysis and brought it all to you in this wonderful workbook that allows you to:

1. Understand the 4 essential components of a true strength;
2. Identify your unique strengths based on targeted questioning and Strengths Tests including the GALLUP-CLIFTON Strengthsfinder and Nicholas Lore’s identification of your natural abilities and natural roles.
3. Develop a very clear understanding and definition of your own zone of natural genius.

PLUS, as my BONUS GIFT to you, you’ll also receive your very own HARD COPY of our  #1 Amazon International Bestseller THE ART OF UNLEARNING: CONSCIOUS CHOICES FOR EMPOWERED LIVING.

As a token of my appreciation, I’d love to offer you a copy of our very special international best-seller called THE ART OF UNLEARNING, filled with inspirational stories (my own included) by women who have overcome great challenges and thrown off the shackles, to find their very own PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL FREEDOM, through living a life true to their hearts, allowing them to THRIVE, on their own terms. To find out more about this special book, click here.

Here’s what some of my Clients are saying!

Katie takes you by the hand and takes you on a journey through yourself. She really listens, without judgment, and finds YOU, and what you need going forward. Very relaxed environment, very professional, I would recommend Katie to anyone.

Ceri Fraser, Spain

I loved working with Katie. I feel clearer in my mind and confident on how to move forward in life. I feel a sense of fulfillment and eagerness to explore my capabilities in creating a life that resonates with my authentic being.

Estelle Coremans, Australia

I’ve recently been at a crossroads in my life, and for the past 8 months I’ve been experiencing a lot of doubt and confusion about what I want to do and create in my life. Katie helped me connect to my true desires and to lean into what my heart was trying to tell me. I now understand really clearly where my passion and ambitions lie, and I’m on my way to creating my beautiful future! I’m so excited about what lies ahead now and I’m so grateful to Katie for helping me on my way.

Victoria Eastwood, Australia

Katie is a great coach and confidante! Her warm disposition and natural ability to work alongside her clients to support them and help them in finding their paths makes her coaching inspiring and a great experience! I love that she is empathetic, truly listens, is encouraging and has great reading materials to recommend! I find her ability to encourage sharing and her warm disposition very helpful, she is well-read and knowledgeable, supportive and inspiring!

Junie Ang, Singapore


Buying a coaching package is the most economical way to get your private support. A single 60-minute Clarity Breakthrough session with Katie is normally $147 AUD. In the 3-month package you will pay just $116 AUD per session (a 20% discount), and in the 6-month package you pay just $100 AUD per session (a huge 30% discount). Here is what you’ll pay for each package.


The required investment for the 3-month Private Support Package is

1 AUD is approximately 0.80 USD and 0.65 EUR, depending on current currency exchange rates.
Taxes included.

That’s 20% off the regular coaching session prices.
You’ll SAVE $185 AUD over 6 coaching sessions if you pay up-front in full for the 3-month package. 

The required investment for the 6-month Private Support Package is

1 AUD is approximately 0.80 USD and 0.65 EUR, depending on current currency exchange rates.
Taxes included.

That’s 30% off the regular coaching session prices.
You’ll SAVE $565 AUD over 12 coaching sessions if you pay up-front in full. 

Don’t waste any more time feeling stuck and confused!

Take a stand for your dreams, unleash your full potential, and start creating your happiest and most fulfilled life!

To secure your spot for your 3- or 6-month private coaching package, apply now!


Please fill out the brief application form by clicking on the APPLY NOW button below. The application form should only take around 5-10 minutes to complete.


Sending in your application does NOT commit you to the program! 

Once I receive your application, I will contact you to arrange a 15-minute phone call where we can both make sure the program is a fit for you and you can ask any questions you may have. You’ll also hear about the investment options you can choose from.

To finalize your acceptance into the program, you’ll need to make your first payment before our first coaching session together.

If you have any issues or questions when completing the application, please reach out to me at katie@katiedejong.com. I look forward to working with you!