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Find out how you can get all the support you need to grow your business.


Our business coaching programs provide three elements that are critical to your success. The following three elements are woven into your experience with us.


1. Knowledge and Strategy.

There are fundamental skills and strategies you need to learn as a fempreneur, including how to effectively your market business, how to close sales powerfully and authentically, how to manage your finances and accounting, how to write great content, how to build and promote your business funnel, how to plan and organise your time for maximum productivity, how to build a following of raving fans – just to name a few! You need to learn from those who have walked before you and who know what it takes. We provide in-room and online trainings, workshops and an online Academy to give you the knowledge you need to succeed in business.

2. Community and Support.

We’ve created a large sisterhood of fellow fempreneurs who will be there to cheer you on and support you through the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life. You don’t have to do this alone! Doing it together is so much more powerful, and not to mention – fun!

3. Private Coaching.

It’s essential that you have someone who can sit down with you and look at the specifics of your particular business and determine which is the right path for you, taking into account your lifestyle needs, your personality, your values, and your money objectives. You need someone who can advise you on the best growth strategy to help you make the money and impact you desire. I love my ‘Hour of Power’ sessions with clients – it’s where I get to sit down with you and get into the nuts and bolts of how we’re going to grow your business!


Here are some of the ways you can get the support you need to grow your business.


1. A FREE 30-minute Business Strategy Session (APPLY NOW)

2. A 90-minute Business Breakthrough Strategy Session (LEARN MORE)

3. Our 3-day FEMPRENEUR workshop to develop a powerful branding, marketing & social media strategy to fast-track your business success.

4. 12-months of private coaching and in-room business training to skyrocket your business growth (our most popular and successful program! Read feedback from our clients here).


Not sure which of our programs is right for you?

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You’ll know you’re ready to work with me if …


You don’t want to struggle along any longer. You just want to get the right advice and get on with growing your business!

You want to make a positive difference in the world and you know that your business is the vehicle to do it.

You’re tired of the feelings of frustration, stuck-ness and/or overwhelm and you know it’s time to finally get a solid business strategy in place to get the traction and momentum you need.

You’re tired of doing it by yourself. You want to be part of a sisterhood of like-minded, soulful women who are leading and inspiring change in the world.

You know it’s time to change and you can see clearly that the process I describe will take you there.

You feel strongly called to take this next step.


After working with me you will …


Have a clear business structure, funnel, pricing strategy, and marketing system that brings you a steady stream of ideal clients.

You’ll be hitting your money targets on a consistent basis and finally making the money you deserve.

You’ll have a clearly defined business road map that allows you to grow to exactly the size you desire.

You’ll have all the knowledge and resources to finally the impact you desire.

You’ll have a sisterhood of women who have your back, cheer you on, and celebrate your successes with you. You’ll have friends for life to continue supporting you on your entrepreneurial journey.




Do you want to start your own business, but you don’t know what kind of business you should create?


I’m passionate about helping you find your purpose!

I struggled for 15 years trying to find my own purpose and I couldn’t get the right guidance or advice to help me find my inspired path.

So I’ve created a program to help you do just that!

My Pathfinding program helps you uncover the four critical pieces of your ‘purpose puzzle’: Personality, Proficiency, Passion, and Profit. See below to learn more!

Find Your Path & Purpose.

This is a Private Mentorship Program designed to help you find your inspired path and purpose so that you can finally feel on-track and make a difference, doing work you love!

Can’t Find What You Need?


Not sure what you need or how to get started and want to chat with me? Let’s connect!

Please send an email to [email protected] and let me know a little about your situation so we can see how I can help you.

Thank you so much and I really look forward to connecting with you!


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